Bunny Blessings

Our Bunny Blessings program provides a tame young rabbit with a sweet disposition to certain people free of charge- as a blessing! The bunny, not more than three months old, will come with 10 pounds of feed, a 32oz. ball-tipped water bottle, and a food crock.

If you are:

1. A classroom teacher in a public or a private institution in search of a class pet,

2. A representative of a nursing home or other geriatric care facility in search of a group pet,

3. A parent in search of a pet for your own terminally ill child,

please feel free to apply for a bunny blessing from The Itty Bitty Farm..

Our supply is limited so put your request in as soon as possible! If we are out of stock, we will add your name to a wait list.

Call 901-201-0968 to apply for your Bunny Blessing!