How We Conduct a Sale

The Itty Bitty Farm is currently closed.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Our Itty Bitty Farm & Rabbitry is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and our first goal is a better pet.

To view the bunnies we have for sale, visit the page entitled In the Nest.

We operate a small home and hobby rabbitry, breeding occasionally for show and to promote the rabbit as a companion animal and assistant to the urban farmer. We do not offer tours.

Rabbitry Sales Information:

Our focus is always on type and temperament, first. However, we also focus on specific colors in each breed, and often have only those colors available.

We will picture our show bunnies and those we breed, as well as some of our ‘pet only’ animals, on the site, but they are not listed as bunnies for sale. All of our rabbits are well loved pets!

The bunnies available for sale are pictured and tagged as: FOR SALE.
A tag reading: SALE PENDING, means that someone has placed a deposit of 50% on a bunny to request that we hold it. If the buyer decides against the bunny, it will again be available for sale. A hold is guaranteed following our receipt of the deposit through the agreed upon date for pick up; or until we are notified that the buyer has decided against the purchase, whichever occurs first.

Our bunnies are lovingly handled each day. They are raised indoors and outdoors, as well as being exposed to normal household noises, children and numerous other domestic animals. They are quite tame and well socialized when they arrive at their new homes. We put a great deal of time and effort into this process, hoping to deliver to you a better pet.

We believe that it’s best for our kits (baby bunnies) to be with mama until they are eight weeks of age, and do not sell them before. We guarantee the health of our kits for the first thirty days following a purchase.

We will occasionally offer a senior rabbit for sale, but it isn’t customary. Sometimes we will offer a “rescue rabbit” for a suggested donation, and it will be tagged as such. We picture these rabbits on the In the Nest page with the little ones.

We offer a 25% discount on the first bunny with proof of FFA, 4H, or ARBA Youth membership, and a 25% discount on the total purchase to all who buy more than two rabbits on a single visit. (Certain kits may be excluded.)

A 50% deposit will hold for you! Deposits are refundable only if we are unable to provide your bunny.

Most of our customers choose their bunny or bunnies from our photos, and send a deposit to hold. We will accept a personal check if it is received seven days or more before the pick up date. We welcome cash or money order any time, or you may choose to make your payment through PayPal

If you choose to make a payment through PayPal, please be aware:

1. The pictures of the live rabbits featured on the Store page are representative and may or may not be an actual photograph of the animal that you have decided to purchase. We will happily send by text, or email, a picture of YOUR own rabbit! The bunnies pictured do belong to The Itty Bitty Farm.

2. Currently, we do not ship any animal to any destination. We do occasionally attend shows and may deliver to a show that we are planning to attend. We will also consider delivery within a radius of 100 miles. Delivery fee is $25. plus .25 (cents) per mile.

3. You must make actual contact in real time (i.e. call or text) with a representative of The Itty Bitty Farm @901-201-0968, to be certain of the availability of the item or items that you have decided to purchase; as well as to set up an appointment for pick up, and you must do this BEFORE making payment in order to be eligible for any refund, replacement, or discount that may be due.

4. An addition of two dollars, to absorb the cost of the PayPal service, is reflected in the prices of the animals. If you are entitled to a discount, it will be applied or refunded at the time of pick up.

If you would like to see the litter to choose a bunny, and when it is time to pick up your bunny- you will need to call or text 901-201-0968 and set up an appointment. Please do not schedule an appointment with us unless you are serious about purchasing, as we are not a pet store, rather a home.

If you would like to place a deposit by mail, please call or text 901-201-0968 for the address.


Lionheads- Bonnie Shelton

45. Pet Quality, No Pedigree
55. Pet Quality, Pedigreed
65. Pet/Show, No Pedigree
75. Pet/Show, Pedigreed

Holland Lops- Jonathan Shelton

45. Pet Quality, No Pedigree
55, Pet Quality, Pedigreed
65. Pet/Show, No Pedigree
75. Pet/Show, Pedigreed

Netherland Dwarfs- Alexander Shelton

45. Pet Quality, No Pedigree
55. Pet Quality, Pedigreed
65. Pet/Show, No Pedigree
75. Pet/Show, Pedigreed

Flemish Giants- Bonnie Shelton

80. Pet Quality, Pedigreed
90. Pet/Show, Pedigreed

To view the bunnies we have for sale visit the page entitled In the Nest.

Thanks for your interest!

The Itty Bitty Farm

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time.