In The Nursery

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  • These pictures are of our only remaining pup, Cordy! He’s our pick of the litter and we have been considering keeping him, though we really do not need to manage three giant dogs in the suburbs.
  • CORDY is now available for $400.
  • Please see the post entitled “Kurly Saints Q & A” before considering a purchase! Thank you! 😀

Gritty (male) 150. SOLD! ❤️


Balmy (male) 100. SOLD! ❤️


Perky (male) 200.  SOLD! ❤️


Comet (female) 150.  SOLD! ❤


Chewy (male) 150. SOLD! ❤️


Flip (male) 150. SOLD! ❤️


Cozy (female) 150.  SOLD! ❤️


Cindy (female) 100. SOLD! ❤️


Cordy (male)- the pick of the litter- 400.

7/9/17:  Meet our puppies, possibly the world’s first Kurly Saints, but of course there is probably no way to be sure. 😊

There are a few posts on this site with further information regarding these precious pups.  Please enjoy reading more about them!

7/10/17:  Many have made serious inquiries and even tentatively spoken for four of the puppies.  This reminds me that it has been awhile since we were operating our Rabbitry and I seem to have forgotten that a method for reserving is in order BEFORE posting pictures of the animals.

TO RESERVE A PUPPY:  Call or text me, Bonnie at 901-201-0968.  Pups are priced individually.  The amount we are asking is shown beneath their pictures.  As price has been lowered significantly, a non-refundable deposit of the full asking price will hold the pup until pick up date.  Pick up may be made on or after Sunday, July 16th, as puppies will be eight weeks old on that date.  Once a puppy has been reserved, it will be indicated underneath his or her picture.

7/31/17: The puppies have been vaccinated and dewormed on schedule. If you wish to arrange a pick up time please text, 901-201-0968.

Puppies begin teething hard at ten weeks and need plenty of rawhide, untreated wood scraps, and tough rubber toys.  These pups will not chew on anything you do not want them to chew on IF YOU ARE there with them and are able to use the voice prompt:    Aaahhnt!  (pronounced as a longer drawn-out-southern-style ANT, with no typical southern sugar added 😊)

•You may wish to copy this for your personal records and/or for your pet’s veterinarian:

Puppy’s First Health Record:


Birthdate: 5/21/17

•Dewormed at 3 weeks
•Dewormed at 5 weeks
•Dewormed at 7 weeks
•Vaccinated 5-way at 8 weeks
•Dewormed at 10 weeks
•Dewormed at 12 weeks
•First 30 DAY flea/tick treatment at 10 weeks

Diet:  Weaned at five weeks.  Diamond puppy, 1 cup, morning and evening. Fresh clean water available throughout the day and evening.