Puppies On The Itty Bitty Farm!

The Itty Bitty Farm has puppies!
To view the puppies select the “In The Nursery” page from the menu.

Our puppies are a cross-breed. The sire is a registered Saint Bernard. He weighs 140 pounds. The dam is a Komondor and weighs 85 pounds in her full coat. She barely makes 65 pounds when she is sheared.

The Komondor has a coat of hair as does the poodle, however the Komondor is a working-class dog rather than a sporting-class dog.

The puppies will have their mother’s hair coat and so will be non-shredders and will require grooming every four to six months as does a poodle.

With these puppies, while two breeds have been crossed, two classes have not been crossed and therefore their temperaments are more predictable.

These puppies will be easily trained to guard and protect other animals, people, and property. In fact, they will take to it most naturally. They will not be easy to train in all things, as is a border collie or a poodle. Both the Komondor and the Saint Bernard are specifically designed to protect and to rescue if necessary. They can be stubborn and independent as they are meant to exercise their own best judgement and to make decisions on their own when they are “working,” and they take their jobs seriously.

In between employments, these breeds can be lazy. They enjoy plenty of rest between tasks of guarding, protecting, and rescuing. They do not require a great amount of exercise, and yet can appear tireless when actually working.

Saint Bernards are known for mild to excessive drooling depending on the structure and size of their jowls and lips.  Ours is a moderate drooler. A pup will grow to be an adult dog before you will know if drooling will be an issue and if so, how problematic the issue may be.

Both the Saint Bernard and the Komondor are naturally extremely loyal and extraordinarily faithful. Our dogs love to “escape” through the front door because if they are lucky, a great game of chase will ensue! They have pulled this trick many times and have never once left our street and are hesitant to go far enough that we are out of sight- even more amazing as obviously neither of them is fixed and they have one another as potential cohorts in crime!

We are not professional breeders and do not intend to allow a second litter. There are nine pups: Six males and three females. Four are significantly larger than the others and two are comparatively quite small.

Komondorac are rare to the United States and so I have no examples of other crosses to show, however here is a link to the nearest type of cross, called Saint Bernardoodles.

As our research indicates that we may be the first to cross these breeds we have taken the liberty of naming them. We are calling them “Kurly Saints!”

To view the puppies select from the menu the page titled “In The Nursery.”  The pups are priced individually with the amount we are asking posted beneath their pictures on our page titled, “In The Nursery.”  We are not willing to ship.  Please consider that if you are unable to afford the asking price- you may not be equipped to provide future care.

If you are interested in reserving a puppy, please go to the menu and select the page titled, “In The Nursery.”

As always, thank you for your interest in The Itty Bitty Farm!

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