Train Your New Friend to Use a Litterbox!


1. Your bunny is young and bunnies do not learn this as quickly as kittens.

2. Your rabbit will not urinate as often as he matures.

3. Put the litter box in his house and leave him in it for a day to see which corner of the cage he prefers to use. Place the LB in the corner that he chooses to use.

4. He needs for you to place him in his house at least once every hour for a chance to potty. If he is able to come and go freely from his house (as a puppy or a kitten) place him directly in the litter box each hour.

5. Close him in his house at night until he is trustworthy about urinating in his LB.

6. As I have explained, he will never completely stop scattering pellets, as this is his way of marking territory and fertilizing the earth with his rich, relatively clean, cold compost! However, he will scatter fewer pellets less indiscriminately as he ages.

7. He has been stressed- positive stress- still experiencing stress often creates a disruption in routine and the need to learn new routines. Time and consistency will bring success!

Hope this helps!
Bonnie Shelton

P. S. Your bunny and your kitty cat may safely share a litterbox after the rabbit is using one consistently and she and the cat have become sure friends. Just keep it clean!