About Our Home

THE ITTY BITTY FARM & RABBITRY is located in Memphis, Tennessee. We are urban farmers hoping for a better earth. Welcome!

We are proud to be members of the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association.
The association currently recognizes forty-three different breeds! We work with one of the dwarf breeds of rabbit and with one giant breed.  We do not work with any of the standard sized breeds.

We are a tiny suburban farm and rabbitry; which suits us as we are not interested in quantity, but rather in quality-particularly temperament, because our first goal is a better companion animal albeit an animal that produces “garden gold.”

We raise happy Holland Lops and gentle Flemish Giants.  All of our rabbits are well loved pets, and we find them to be utterly amusing!

Our rabbits are affectionate and intelligent. Our Hollands are active, curious, and a bit more independent than our gentle giants, but nonetheless good natured.  The Flemish Giant is generally faithful, sweet natured, and easygoing.

We, also have a little flock of ducks and a few backyard chickens. They generously provide for us all of our needed eggs as well as a few for our neighbors! And we have a marvelous Komondor who is always the clown and as a rule is oblivious to her size, yet is ever gentle when near the most vulnerable of God’s creatures.

We once had a beautiful industrious Border collie who considered the safety of the smaller children and the animals to be her personal task, and though Dr. Amy Moffett had to come put her down for us due to the complications of old age and an extraordinary sense of honor and duty-bound service that never allowed her a moments rest, our story would never be complete without mention of our friend.

We are raising tomatoes, peppers, melons, grapes, berries, and herbs with plans for adding more vegetables. We have a small fruit orchard of peach  and cherry trees.

We are doing our best to work our little bit of earth to our advantage and to the best advantage of others! Please visit our Bunny Blessings page to see how we are giving back to our community.

The Itty Bitty Farm is certainly not perfection; but for the most part it is a wholesome and pleasant place in the middle of a big, noisy, harried place, and we love it!